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Trendforscher Mathias Haas über Megatrends & Future Fitness

Sportswear International: Trends

FashionDaily.TV meets Mathias Haas during the fashion week Berlin

One day before the Bread & Butter meets FashionDaily.TV Mathias Haas at the Sportswear International Summit. During the FashionDailyTV Interview Mathias Haas about his latest audio project "Wissen, die der Hase läuft" and how you can use future trends for the own success in management.

Future Trends of the Fashion Week Berlin

Success will be based on cooperation and partnerships and the whole world will come closer together. Mathias Haas is explaining that we should not be afraid of transparency and the internet development because we can find the strength in these elements to build up projects.


Autumn/Winter 2015

Topshop Unique

Der Sommer 2015 wird bunt

Miranda Konstantinidou

Streetwear-Lovers, freut euch auf 2015.

Trendcheck: Bright Sommer 2014

Punkte, Streifen, Colour-Blocking für unten drunter

Happy Socks @Bread & Butter

Berlin Fashion Week July 2014


Bread & Butter July 2014

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