Modemacher im Gespräch

Cannes ganz natürlich: Annemarie Börlind bei den Festspielen

Im Interview: Christiane Paul & Daniela Lindner

Christiane Paul, Daniela Lindner. and FashionDaily.TV met for a chat during the 65th Festival de Cannes.

Social and Sustainable

Christiane Paul, multi-award-winning German actress is well known for her eclectic taste in films: Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Im Juli, Die Welle and Hindenburg are only a select few. She is also a charity fiend and promotes causes such as World Aids Day or „Deine Stimme gegen Armut“. For a long time now, and not least because of her two kids, Paul has been an avid defender of ecology and sustainable living. Which, in turn, makes her the perfect spokes person for Annemarie Börlind Naturkosmetik.

Eco Friendly but Sexy

In our interview, presenter Rabea Schif, Paul and Lindner talk about their reasons to meet up in Cannes and what they think of nature’s most unnatural little helper: Botox. Enjoy!


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