Homies undressed

Rappers RAW: Homies undressed...

Rappers RAW: Silla

… that's rap, entertainment, fashion, schnapps and chitchat and the new broadcast with host Romina Mann. In the third episode Romina invited Silla to chill on her couch at the Ballhaus Rixdorf .

Silla and the music business

In 2004 Silla released his debut album Übertalentiert. This was followed by several albums and a multitude of co-productions. Back then, the rapper still went by the name of Godzilla. This changed drastically when in April 2010 the japanese company Tönö, rightful owner of the Godzilla figure, threatened the Berlin rapper with a law suite for benefiting from the image of the film figure. He decided that from no on he would go by the name Silla.


At the time he increasingly fell into alcoholic adventures. On June 18th, 2009 he was checked into a hospital with 4,9 % blood alcohol limit and had to be reanimated. His album Wiederbelebt, which is contains only unpublished


Rappers RAW: Homies undressed...

RappersRAW: Denyo

Rappers RAW: Homies undressed...

Rappers RAW: Silla

RappersRAW - Homies undressed…

RappersRAW: Tyron Ricketts

Homies Undressed: Sera Finale zu Gast bei Romina Mann

RappersRAW: Sera Finale

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