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Shop of the Week - Das neue Schwarz

Shop of the Week: Das neue Schwarz

This is a Vintage store or better to say a vintage boutique right in the centre of Berlin. Different to most rather stuffed vintage stores, shop manager David only shows a strickt selection. Vintage yes, but only designer labels that are still of good quality. Customers are welcome to bring along pieces from their own closet as long as that doesn’t mean granny’s blouse, size 48. Demands are on a high level, but that gives us just another reason to look closer. David himself lives his store concept. The only things he ever buys new are shoes and socks.

So if you got inspired by some unique pieces of „Das neue Schwarz“ or if you are just curious to meet David, feel free to Visit the store at Mulackstrass 37.


Minimalistisch & puristisch

Ina Beissner


Shop of the Week


Shop of the Week

Shop of the Week

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