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Thomas Hiemann, General Director bei Eastpak, im BerlinFashion.Talk über lebenslange Garantie auf Eastpak-Produkte und warum der Rucksack mehr als nur ein Backpack ist.

BerlinFashion.Talk mit Thomas Hiemann

BerlinFashion invited as part of the [Bread & Butter] (http://breadandbutter.com/) professionals in the streetwear and urban wear industry for [BerlinFashion.Talk] (http://www.berlinfashion.tv/mode/people/interview/berlinfashiontalk/). The General Director of Eastpak, Thomas Hiemann visited BerlinFashion in the magazine launch and spoke with editor Dan about the standconcepts of the labels, plans for the future and why Eastpak is more than just a backpack.





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